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Relaxing in your garden with family and friends is the best way to spend sunny days. See the range of our Party In Your Garden items and find products, that will make those moments special.

Waikiki Canopy

Looking for some shade in your garden? Our Waikiki Canopy canopy makes a stunning meeting place as well as a perfect hideout in your garden. The Waikiki Canopy is our most popular garden canopy with curved elements and stop chamfered uprights. It...


Hippo Lounger

Basking in the summer sun can be the best way to recharge your batteries. Is there a better way to let your steam off than to relax laying on a soft lounger? Go and check for yourself! Ask us a question about the product.


Veggie On The Wheels

Ever since we included it in our range, Veggie On The Wheels was topping our sales lists. No surprise. After all, the number of it’s uses is stunning. Not only can you grow your own vegetables or fruits in it, but this beautiful item also makes a...


Waikiki Shutter Panel

We have introduced the Waikiki Shutter Panel for that special area in your garden - the shutter opens and closes for when you need that little bit of privacy or shade. Easy operation and treated for a longer life.


Pelikan Garden Chest

Our wooden garden chest is a stunning storage for your treasures. The best choice for keeping garden stuff in one place. You will never have issues with losing your favorite gardening tools, blankets, accessories etc.


Firefly Garden Lamps

Turn mundane into awesome! With our range of freestanding and wall mounted lighting equipment you will easily enlighten your garden in a stylish way and decorate the walls during the day.


Cat Shelf - Wave

Take our word for that – cats would buy that (if they only could!) The shelf does not only give them a spot to rest, but also provides them with amusement. After all, they love to jump around like crazy, don’t they?



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